Slyd Blvd puts on an intimate Sunday evening Concert April 23, 2017

A Heartfelt Evening

It was a beautiful spring late afternoon when about 45 special friends collected themselves in the Kussnacht Thai Restaurant on Ebnetweg to listen to Slyd Blvd's solo performance. The result was great friendship, great food and a warm and heartfelt interpretation of a collection of songs.

Blvd opened with 3 Tom Waits gems, San Diego Serenade, Fumbling with The Blues, and the classic love song Jersey Girl. This established Slyd's love affair with the spoken word and his passion for great lyric songs. In his tween song banter he noted his appreciation for Waits by commenting "you have to love a songwriter who can pen the line - you know there ain't no devil, that's just God when he's drunk"

A Slyd Blvd show highlights songwriters, in this event he followed Waits with a Neil Young medly, two from Eddie Vedder, two from Dan Auerbach (Black Keys). The first set ended strong and energetic with acoustic versions of Little Black Submarine and I'm A Lonely Boy.

No less then 5 Bruce Springsteen's If I Fall Behind, The River, American Skin (41 Shots), Trapped, and Hungry Heart closed the second set.

Two Slyd Blvd written songs, dating back to the 1970's were also included in mid concert, an anti war protest piece So Tell Me How Goes the War, followed the Neil Young session, , and Until I Write A Country Song, a humorous dig at country music was paired with John Prines Please Don't Bury Me.

It wasn't all perfect though, the blues songs included, Messing With The Kid (M. London) and Crossroads (R. Johnson) did not impress this writer. These are standards for Mr. Blvd, but in this case he seemed to forget that he was solo acoustic and not electric with band. That is to say he didn't slow it down to fit the scene. Rushing on an acoustic is dangerous.

The audience didn't seem to mind. After 22 songs and a great Thai Buffet everyone left the joint connected and content. The full set list is below:

Songs Performed at Slyd Blvd's Bistro Concert April 23, 2017

First Set:

San Diego Serenade T. Waits _____

Fumblin With The Blues T. Waits _____

Jersey Girl T. Waits _____

Thrasher N. Young _____

Out On The Weekend N. Young _____

Comes A Time N. Young _____

Four Dead In Ohio N. Young _____

Only Love Can Break Your Heart N. Young _____

Hey Hey My My N. Young _____

So Tell Me How Goes The War S. Blvd _____

Society E. Vedder _____

Sleeping By Myself E. Vedder _____

Drugs Don't Work The Verve _____

Little Black Submarines Black Keys _____

I'm A Lonely Boy Black Keys _____

Second Set:

I'll Rise M. Angelou/B. Harper _____

Please Don't Bury Me J. Prine _____

Until I Write A Country Song S. Blvd _____

Crossroads R. Johnson _____

Messin' With The Kid M. London (Jr. Wells) _____

If I Should Fall Behind B. Springsteen _____

The River B. Springsteen _____

American Skin (41 Shots) B. Springsteen _____

Trapped B. Springsteen _____

Hungry Heart B. Springsteen _____